I’m Coming Home…

There is no place like home. And I do miss my home. - Malala Yousafzai
Campfires burning by the beach with good company.
Photo credits by Destination Dream https://www.facebook.com/dndmcebu/

I have many thoughts lately. I had been traveling in all places in my country, the Philippines with 7, 107 islands, off course I didn’t visited them all! (laughs). Maybe only when these islands we can all live or inhabit ha ha ha! But I had been to quite a few islands already including sandbars, beaches, coves, resorts, road-trips, motorcycle and boat adventures and misadventures. I had been to mountains, hills, campsites, different trails of rain forests, open trails, boulders, difficult terrains, muddy trails, sulfur vents and wild berries. Experienced both hot and cold climate and the in betweens while traveling. Wherever I go, I will always have a piece of my heart left in a that place. The warmest welcome, the kind words, the heartwarming smiles, the gestures of help not to mention the chats and pep talks either over a cup of beer or not.

I personally experienced this in a campsite in mount Manunggal. It was almost midnight when we were having a camp jam. I felt terrible with my stomach plus the terrible cold breeze of the mountainside. I looked by the nearby “Seven Eleven store”(for hikers we use the term seven eleven referring to any a one-stop shop/store where you can specially grab a soda drink). I was looking for a liniment to relieve my stomach cramps and discomfort. My lesson learned to always bring first aid medicine and treatments. Anyways I got more than what I asked for, for that “lola” took care of me (I felt I was her adopted grandchild during that time LOL). She gave me one of her concoction for me to apply together with a warm drink and it did brought a warm feeling to my pain. She even offered her humble bed for me because she figured out that I might be terribly cold outside. I hesitated but she insisted on. The following morning I woke up from a sound sleep and feeling warmed.

Just recently when we went to Guintacan also known as Kinatarcan island in Cebu I had lost my left slipper because of night swimming and strong waves. To my dismay until the following morning, I still couldn’t find my flip flop pair. I roamed the island before the sun was up to look for stores where I can buy a foot wear. But to my dismay again, “uncle” told me that I still have to look to the other baranggay to get one. And that is quite far. I was just shocked and humbled that “uncle” asked me to stay put so that “auntie” can look for a pair of footwear for me. I was deeply touched by this simple gesture of hospitality. Indeed I can see it in the locals in every place.

Those are just some of my concrete stories. I am proud of my fellowmen. Once again my lost faith and trust in humanity has been restored. Thank you for this kind citizens.

Home is not a place…

It’s a feeling.


Sometimes we may feel terrible at leaving home or going to new places or exploring new seas or jungles. We fear the unknown, the out-of-our-comfort zones. But, is home really a place?

I didn’t see this coming but if you got people who makes you feel at home. Then stick with them. I have been to different islands. I believe I left a piece of my heart in all places, and that made me unafraid to travel more.

Home is not a place, but a feeling where you are embraced by a sentiment of profound joy, peace and love.

Can you be home to somebody today? Will you?

Thank you for joining me!

See you tomorrow!


Published by Czarie Scarlet

Join me in my journey. This is your journey also. Three decades around the sun I have been compelled to write and share our stories from hiking, mountaineering, trekking, and traveling. I met a lot of people and most of them turned out to be my truest friends. I have come to realize the brutality of traveling and how in every day our life can turn around. I hope to share my adventures and misadventures and live this to tell to my future children and grandchildren. Thank you for joining me.

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